In the world of The Scroll of Taiwu, you need to play the mysteries “taiwu descendants”,but also in a different position —- good, evil ,or neutral —- into the complicated underworld.
You can not only visit the world’s martial art schools, learn a wide variety of kongfu, but also get sworn brother or blood feud.
You can establish a village of your own and run various business.Of course you can settle down with your lover for the rest of your life.
Untill you finally face the greatest enemy of the “Taiwu”, and determine the fate of the entire world.

The unknown world

Every world of “taiwu”that you created is one and only —-
Absolutely random generated maps ,NPCs and enemies.it’s a brand new adventure every tine.
You can learn thousands of martial art techniques from 15 different sects.
And from almost all the NPCs, you can also learn hundreds of traditional Chinese skills.

Integrate multiple ways to play

Besides RPG,The scroll of Taiwu has combined many different games, such as Roguelike with randomness.
And elements like: constructing, resource, gathering, expanding, managing, crafting, maintaining, from business simulation games.
Dream back to childhood —- Catch the most strongest “general” and have a battle of insects with the abbot of the Shaolin Temple.

“living” NPCs

There are thousands of NPCs who have their own relationships and experiences.
You can build your relationships with them and even decide their life and death.
You will have children with your supose.
Coach your descendants and pass all your skills to him/her.
Find your lover from a past life among all people.

Finely polished

By collecting ,manufacturing,repairing and refining.
You can make any weapon,armor and all kinds of elixir completely by your own hands.
Take the poisoned weapon,put on the poisoned clothes ,eat the poisoned antidote.

Realistic battles

New battle mode,bring back “counter striking”,”stick can be a sword”and”the longer the safer,the shorter the more dangerous.”
Every attack of you will actually hit the different parts of your enemy’s body.
With your martial art techniques ,run your internal force and practice your skills and strategies.
There are many more waiting for you to explore.

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