V0.2.4.0 UPDATE
Update log 2019-07-31

Install 52 lionface kungfu effect
  • Lionface fist and palm—-great strength comes from nothing ,great wisdom appears stupid
  • Mountain pushing palm:The next fist and palm will add damage to the fist according to the proportion of the stance.
  • Lionface iron backfist:All points gained before the next skill is put into bengeffect
  • Eight Forms of Greater Gate Opening:When cause a flaws,each bengthe user has will bring an additional flaw.
  • Mighty Palm of Rock Splitting:Sunder armor on both palms increases by an additional 10, triples the damage done to guard, and reduces the strength of the next move by 50%
  • Lionface Metal Palm:When cause a flaw,gather all the flaws in the enemy to the area under attack.
  • Drawing Arm of the Hegemon King:Before the next move, every time the player hits the enemy’s arm with a beng, point, hold or fist, it will cause damage to both left and right arms
  • Howling Fourteen Hands:The next fist and palm technique increases the casting speed significantly
  • Great Divine Palm:When casting a kungfu, if the enemy is using a body protection kungfu, the power of the kungfu will increase by 100% and the power of the next kungfu will be reduced by 50%
  • Great Clumsy Hand:When using the Great Clumsy hand to attack the enemy, if the power of the great clumsy hand is destroyed, then it will immediately attack the enemy again without any cost and the power of the great clumsy hand will be increased by 50%, until it cant be destroyed.
  • Lionface Blade:the more one fight ,the stronger one got;the stronger one got ,the prouder one got.
  • Ground Blade Of Lion Face:Each hit can eliminate the enemy 1 move power, up to 3
  • Rapid Blade Of Mountain Cleave:Before casting the next skill, all the stabs and thrust moves are changed to split moves
  • Shield Blade Of Lion Phase:When a flaw is created, each 2 splits the user has ,will bring an additional flaw.
  • Tremendous Effort Blade:When 100 % strength is exercised, the user gains 1 point of destructive Qi
  • Blade Of Ao Slashing:The leg and foot damage caused by this technique cannot be cured in this fight.
  • Overlord Blade:As long as the users destructive Qi is higher than enemy, this kungfu caused all the damage are changed to a fatal injury
  • Gold Lion Blade:In the process of applying this kungfu, the enemy cannot apply any inverse kungfu
  • Coiled Dragon Ghost Blade:when hit the enemy,each 3 cleaves the user has will be immediately consumed to attack the enemy with Coiled Dragon Ghost Blade.
  • Berserk Saber:When user cause at least 25% of the enemy’s mortal damage it will increases the power of the berserk blade by 10% until the end of the fight
  • Lionface spear—-A man like a lion, a spear like a dragon, press forward with indomitable will
  • Spear Of Evil:The damage of the next long weapon will be increased by 50%, but the counter shock damage will be increased by 100%
  • Soul-Severed Spear Of Five Tigers:When using this kungfu, each time the user moves forward 1 time ,the closer the distance between the user and the enemy is to the user’s minimum attack distance, the greater the power of this method
  • Eight Mother’s Spear Of Lion Phase:The next long weapon method changes from reverse practice to positive practice
  • Zhang Fei’s Sixteen Spear:Before the next action is performed, the user’s movement distance is reduced by 50%. Each time the user gains the split, thrust and lift style, the user will move to the maximum attack distance once
  • Spear Of Universe:The damage to the caster’s guard value is reduced by 50% before the next move
  • Spear Of Mountain-shaking Beasts:When start to apply the method, the use of 50% of the body Protective Qi change to Destructive Qi
  • Lion Spear Of Madness Dragon:When apply this kungfu,if the minimum attack distance of the user is not reached, move up to 3 times until the minimum attack distance of the user is reached
  • Overlord Spear Of Dragon:At 100 % strength, the user and all enemies suffer 1 level of systemic lethal trauma equal to the level of the user’s Destructive Qi

(The above is only for all lionface destroys special effect of the positive training, please explore in the game for the reverse training special effect !In addition, due to the complex destruction special effect, this month weve only installed the lionface destruction kungfu special effect, to test the stability and perfection of the destruction special effect system, after that we will gradually accelerate the destruction special effect of the actual speed, coming soon!)

New battle music

Added 9 different unique combat backgrounds music for 9 Xiangshus incarnation Swordtombs

  • Dayue Yaochang:sprite trace hunting
  • Jin Huanger:phoenix songs dance
  • Jiu Han:Empty howl in a cold mountain
  • MoNü:MoNü’s Garment
  • Shu Fang:Nine colors of rosy clouds
  • Wei Qi:Transform into dragon
  • Xue Feng:fight hard
  • Yi Yihou:Dance with fire flame
  • Yi Xiang:Buried Seclusion

(Meanwhile,Xiangshus incarnations Combat background music’s lossless hd format has been synchronously updated to DLC: Scroll Of Taiwu – OST)

Install part of taiwu village management functions
  • By opening the management interface in taiwu village, players can more conveniently manage the harvest of taiwu village and arrange the work of taiwu villagers
  • Taiwu village can be conveniently arranged in the management interface of taiwu village to settle industrial buildings
  • In the management interface of taiwu village, resources, props and figures of industrial construction output can be conveniently harvested
  • ICONS of resources, people, etc. harvested by industrial buildings have been replaced with official ICONS
  • There will be a certain upper limit on the amount of harvest resources and props that can be stored in industrial buildings. With the increase of the scale and level of industrial buildings, the upper limit will be gradually increased. At least 25 harvests can be stored, and at most 120 harvests can be stored

Add new character reputation types
  • When the character’s reputation changes a lot but the total number of plus or minus approaches 0, it is no longer shown as “unknown”, but as “both good and evil”
Kungfu adjustment
  • This month, due to the design requirements of special destructive effects, necessary adjustments were made to some destructive kungfu to make them better in line with  destructive special effects
  • Increases the base damage of most of the whisk
  • Add acupoint effect to Blade Of Soul Heat and Silk Fist of Twelve Forms
  • Adjust the form of Blue And White Flower Beauty,Shooting Star ,Blade Of Soul Heat and Clutch Finger.
  • Adjust the positive practice effect of the Iron Head Of Lion Phase to reduce the head injury from 50% to 90%
  • Adjust the attack part of the Sword of the Ghost Granny,Lame Fight Eighty Moves,Eight Forms of Greater Gate Opening,Shield Blade Of Lion Phase,Intricate Sword of the Lotus,Esoteric Sword of Taiyi,Blade Of Soul Heat,Azure Spider Hand,Lighten Finger,Nine Moves Of Nine Heavens,Drawing Arm of the Hegemon King,Soul Heat Palm,Clutch Finger,Whirling Vajra Ring,Exotic-Shaped Dragon Clawshot,TaiSu Extinct Hands,Cold Yin Palm,Way of the Azure Spider Sword,Kick Of Five Men Move Mountain,Art of Sword Flight,Vajra Black Sand Palm,The Great Colorful Palm,TaiYi Swipe,Divine Fist Of Jade Yang,Refining Fire Palm.

Those kungfu which turn inoperative or temporarily inoperative in combat are no longer removed from the UI directly, but show how long they have been inoperative

Adjustment of other kungfu parameters
  • Adjustment of Internal Practice Efficiency impact
  • To make players understand the impact of Internal practice efficiency easily,the initial value of the internal practice efficiency attribute in the secondary attribute of a person is no longer displayed as 100%, but as 0%, and its actual effect has not changed
  • Each kungfus internal practice and external practices changing difficulty are no longer the same,take 0% and 50% internal energy as examples
  • the 0% internal practice kungfu requires at least 200% internal practice efficiency to be converted to 100% internal practice ratio, while the 50% internal practice kungfu only needs 50% internal practice to be converted to 100% internal practice ratio. The difficulty of internal practice and external practice conversion of mixed kungfu is significantly lower than that of pure internal practice and external practice
Optimize filing system
  • Further improve archive security
  • Further increase the speed of filing and reading files
  • optimize archive backup function to avoid abnormal deletion of archive
Fixed BUG
  • Fixed error display for weapon internal damage ratio.
  • Fixed a bug where part of the floating information window displayed errors
  • Fixed displayed error when closed some interface by using the right button
  • Fixed the bug that the map was not refreshed immediately when Swordtombs appeared
  • Fix bugs that are not timely updated when the maintenance costs of resources change in industrial buildings
  • Fixed the bug that secret friend did not join taiwu village with the player after the player first arrived at taiwu village
  • Fixed a bug that did not refresh in time when selecting the color options of the appearance after create the new character
  • Fixed treasure books special effect “magic sound” will not consume all sound bugs
  • Fixed special effects of the treasure book which “unblock” special effects is still workable when the power is not fully exercised
  • Fixing combat AI constantly tries to fix various old wounds that can’t be fixed in combat
  • Fix the system setting interface. Closing the window when the resolution drop-down menu is opened will lead to the bug that the drop-down menu cannot be opened when the Settings are opened again
August game update preview —
With wine of grapes the cups of jade would glow at night,
Drinking to pipa songs, we are summoned to fight.

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